Puffin – Wire Wrapped Beaded Centipede



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WELCOME TO Kathymac Artisan Jewelry!!

MEET “Puffin”…. He is a “Centipede” From Our Enchanted Creations’ “Critter” Collection.

He is 100% Handmade with Silver Artistic Wire, Faceted Purple Beads and Purple Tennis Shoes :).

Puffin Stands at Just Under 2-1/4″ at Highest Point and He is approximately 8-1/2″ Long by 2-1/2″ Wide.

 The Enchanted Creations’ Critters can hang out on your desk, coffee table, bathroom, etc. or they can hang in your indoor planters or in your gardens outside. The sun reflects on some of them which keeps the unwanted pests away from your veggies or grapes.

All of Our Critters are Limited Edition, One of a Kind and Each Critter Has a Name and an Individual Personality!

Centipedes alert us to new psychic environments and connections and to new and previously unrecognized psychic relationships.

They also appear to alert us to any possible pitfalls within those relationships. Theirs is the energy of quiet protection in psychic exploration.

Animals with legs a predominant feature often show us how to increase stability and move forward in our endeavors more successfully.  

Centipedes have a pair of antennae which reflect increasing psychic sensitivities and perceptions. Because they are also nocturnal, it will be important to pay attention to dreams when the centipede appears as a messenger.

Dreams will become increasingly prophetic and clairvoyant, providing great insight and inspiration. Many centipedes are also blind, and this can be a reminder to trust our inner perceptions and not outer appearances.

Trusting in our higher perceptions will help us succeed in our endeavors and activities.









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