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Beautiful Native American Handmade Multi Stone. Materials include BlockTurquoise, Block Pink Coral, Red Lip Shell and Nickel Silver.
Length is Approximately 22-1/2″ Long.
Red Lip Shell & Turquoise Measure 1/8″ to 3/8″ Long.

The Silver Beads Measure Approximately 1/8″ and 3/8″ Diameter.
Coral Beads are 1/8″ Diameter.

It is my Goal to Provide the Best, Most Reliable Service. We Offer Fine Quality Jewelry with Lowest Prices Possible! I Want You to Experience the Best Shopping for Exquisite Products with Quality Value.

So…. if you have any questions about my Native American and Southwest Jewelry, Please scroll to the bottom of this ad and READ the Important Information provided. Contact us with any questions you have BEFORE you buy.

Important Information…

My photos are very detailed and I am clear in my descriptions of my items and their materials. If you do not know what the different types of silver and turquoise are, please read this before you buy.

Sterling silver: is .925 (almost) solid silver.

Nickel Silver: Also known as German silver, has been used by silversmiths for the last 100 Years in jewelry making. It contains no actual silver but it takes the same amount of work and craftsmanship as sterling. Nickel Silver will not tarnish as easily as Sterling.

Genuine Turquoise: This is actual turquoise stone. Actual untreated turquoise stone is very soft, Therefore very difficult for artisan’s to work with. Genuine turquoise stone jewelry pieces will always be priced extremely high for this reason.

Stabilized Turquoise: Because genuine turquoise stone is very soft, it is usually stabilized in one way or another by wax, epoxy, resin, clear sealers etc, so it does not scratch so easy. This is often done at the original mine. Most nugget and heishi products now available in North America are made from real turquoise that has been stabilized.

Block turquoise and other block sets: Called ‘block’ because it is sold in large blocks. It is laboratory created. Block is being manufactured in many different countries including the USA. It is sold to Native American’s by local jewelry supply companies. It’s comprised of many different materials including plastics, epoxy resins and MANY other materials. It has been used in the southwest for over 50 years. It actually requires more labor than natural stone because of its hard consistency therefore it is harder to carve than stone.

Reconstituted Turquoise: Consists of small pieces of stone and turquoise chalk powder mixed with dye and plastic binder. This type of turquoise is sometimes often referred to as “Block”. Fake Turquoise is also often labeled “Reconstituted.” Sometimes it is almost impossible to tell.

Thank you for shopping with us!

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