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Native American Sterling Silver, Turquoise, Coral & Mother of Pearl Curved Feather Navajo Drop Post Stud Earrings.
Handmade by Artist, Freddy Barney


Size: 1-1/2″L including hook x 1/2″ at Widest Point


Turquoise is the Birthstone of December. It is Believed that Turquoise Tends to Bring Good Fortune, Strength, and Helps Overcome Illness. Turquoise Got it’s Name From the Levantine Traders Called Turks Who Brought the Stone to Europe From Persia Via Turkey Centuries Ago. Native Americans Have Prized Turquoise Since the Time of the Aztecs, Who Mined it in New Mexico. The Natural Variations That Appear in Turquoise are Part of Their
Appeal and Beauty.
Coral is the Transformed External Skeleton of Sea Animals Consisting Mainly from Aragonite Mineral. It is a Symbol of Modesty, Happiness and Immortality. According to Astrologists Coral is a Stone of Neptune. To its Wearer, Coral Gives Wisdom and Modesty. It is Believed That Coral Reduces Stress and Fears and Promotes a Stable Family Life. It Combats Foolishness, Nervousness, Fear, Depression, Suicidal Ideas, Panic and Nightmares, Confers Prudence, Bravery and Wisdom. Coral is Used to Attract Success. It also Strengthens the Ability of Foresight. It is Believed That Corals Can Counter Evil Spells.
All Shells From the Seas Have a Deep Connection With Not Just the Water Deities, But With the Goddess as Well and Therefore Akasha or the 5th Element. All Shells Have Been Used in Magical Working Over the Millennia as Alter Decoration, Vessels, Smudging Activities and Worn to Honor the Deities. Shells Are Very Valuable When Working Through Emotional Situations Whether They Be Past or Present. Abalone/Mother of Pearl is Specifically Said to Enhance Smudging Activities. Instilling a Stable Atmosphere By Gathering the Energy of One’s Community. A Magical Gift From the Sea, Said to Stimulate Fertility of the Mind and Body, As Well As for Spells That Protect One From the Uncooperative Attitudes and Actions of Others.

The Use of Turquoise, Shell, Jet and Coral as Personal Adornment by Southwestern Indians Dates From Pre-Historic Times and the Use of Silver by the Navajo, Zuni and Hopi is Almost 100 Years Old.
This is an Indian HANDMADE Product and Should NOt be Confused with Jewelry Imitations.
Where Used, all Stones are Genuine.

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