“APOTHECARY” Antique Silver Medicine/Herb/Potion Vial Pendant



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Cool, Unique Design Apothecary Vial for Herbs, Potions, Faerie Dust, Basically Anything You Wish to Store in This Interesting Little Bottle.


MATERIALS: Antique Silver Alloy

NECKLACE CHAIN Measures Approximately 31” Long, End to End

PENDANT VIAL Measures Approximately 2″ Long

PENDANT VIAL Diameter Measures Approximately 1/2″



Madame Silver took the initiative.

She turned to face Luci Milena and held both her hands in hers.

“My dear, I think I know why you want to talk to me.
You don’t want a Tarot card reading because you are anxious about what you might learn. I understand.
But I do I hope the time will come when you will ask for a reading because I might have some things to tell you . . . only when you are ready, of course..
Right now I think you want to know how to use my knowledge to work magic on someone. I think you want to know what I know about things like potions and spells and talismans.

Luci Milena stared at Madame Silver in surprise.

“Don’t be surprised – it is my business to perceive these things.
Besides, you are a young woman – and you are already using potions and spells and talismans – you just haven’t thought of them that way.
The big question is: are they working?”

“I don’t understand.”

“Lean over close to me and let me smell you.”

Luci Milena hesitantly complied.

“Perfume. You are wearing perfume. Very nice, too. Smells like roses.”

Luci Milena blushed. “Yes, it’s my favorite rose perfume. I always wear it.”

“I won’t ask if someone gave it to you, but my guess is that they did.”

Luci Milena blushed again and looked away.

“Think of it this way, my dear.
Perfume is a potion designed to attract someone else’s attention.
We don’t call it that these days – or think of it that way. But that’s what it is.
A form of magic – chosen to appeal to the senses of . . . in your case . . . a man.
And you are also wearing a magic ointment – we call it deodorant – to cover any negative smells, and not counteract the rose perfume/potion.”

“And I am quite sure that if I came into your bathroom – or the bathroom of any other young woman – I would find an assortment of creams and oils and unguents and shampoos and conditioners and little bottles of herbal extracts.
All of these contain magical promises made by the manufacturers –
they say these potions will preserve youth and prevent aging – remove wrinkles – reduce collagen – repair damaged skin and hair – remove unwanted blemishes and facial hair. It’s all magic goop and goo for every purpose.
The goop contain things like exotic herbs – bee balm and bee jelly – the extract from the placentas of young animals – and chemicals and extracts from remote lands and sources that you can’t pronounce the names of.
But. Here’s the promise:
You will remain young and beautiful and attractive to others if you use them.”

“And there’s more. All the cosmetics – lipstick and eyeliner and rouge and blush and powder and foundation creams – all are meant to enhance surface beauty.
Am I not correct?
And I’m sure that you already possess an abundance of magic potions, my dear.”

“Ohmygod, yes!” exclaimed Luci Milena.

“The question is – do they get you what you want?
Do they work?
And how do you know if they do or don’t?
Did you ever ask a man?
‘Excuse me, but is my magic sauce working?’
Or do you just guess and hope?
You may not need any new potions, Luci Milena – you just need to consider how to use and manage the ones you have.”

Luci Milena laughed. “I never thought of that. How did you know?”

Madame Silver laughed. “Am I not a woman?”

“And did they work for you?”

Madame Silver laughed and laughed.

“No. Probably not. But I . . . . we . . . still believe they do.
The gazillion dollar potions industry counts on that belief.
And it’s the belief that is at the heart of this matter of potions.
Belief inspires behavior, you know.
We act in accordance with what we believe to be true.
And if you believe rose perfume attracts men, you will act in an attractive way.
It’s not the perfume, my dear, it’s what you do when you wear it.”

Luci Milena laughed.

“Oh, you can even buy big books on how to make your own potions at home.
And you can go to stores that specialize in supplies and equipment and instructions and spend a lot of money on exotic ingredients, and mix them up yourself.
But when all is said and done, it’s the attitude you have in your mind that will or will not produce results.”

Taken from “Ponderings” by Robert Fulchum